Language Training

    Josbel offers customized language training solutions for corporations. We strive to be cost effective while meeting your needs.

    Before commencement of the course, we assess each student in the form of an oral and written test. This service is completely free of charge at the beginning of the course.
    We offer a flexible starting date for courses all year round.

    Our teachers possess vast teaching experience in a wide range of business areas.

    WE CARE about our Clients

    • We make it convenient and easy for you.
    • We develop an understanding of your needs and we adapt to those.
    • We take a genuine interest in your situation alleviating headaches whenever we can.
    • We strive to be cost effective while meeting your needs.

    WE CARE about our Students

    • We take into account each student's individual learning style, work-related content requirements, previous language level and scheduling needs.
    • We encourage the use of a variety of additional resources to enhance the learning process.
    • We create motivation through multi-sensory input of visual, audio-lingual and movement exercises ensuring long-term recall.
    • We involve practical and familiar elements within each lesson, providing individual learning solutions when necessary.
    • We assist students in adopting new learning styles enabling them to experience a more rewarding discovery of the new language.
    • We inspire students to learn beyond the classroom.
    • We stimulate students independent language competence.

    WE CARE about our Teachers

    • We consider our teachers our assets.
    • We hold long-term professional relationships with our teachers- many of whom enjoy 5-years or more working experience with Josbel.
    • We select teachers carefully for each course, in order to meet your requirements.
    • We create an inspiring work environment.
    • We keep teachers informed of changing requirements.

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